Kent County Republican Party Leaders Endorse Tonya Schuitmaker for Attorney General

Lawton, MI – Today, Kent County Republican Party Chair Donijo DeJonge, Vice Chair Dan Koorndyk, Treasurer Adam Wright, and Secretary Jessica Ann Tyson announced their endorsement of Tonya Schuitmaker for Attorney General.

“We support Tonya Schuitmaker to be our next Attorney General because she achieves results that matter in citizens’ lives and strongly advances our Republican principles. Tonya is a legislative leader combating the drug abuse epidemic, protecting seniors from physical and financial abuse, and supporting law enforcement. The Democrats desperately want to recapture the Attorney General’s office, but Tonya knows how to win tough campaigns, having won elections in counties President Obama carried twice, and Tonya won while running as a conservative,” said Donijo DeJonge, Kent County Republican Party Chair.

“I am honored and grateful to receive the endorsements of Donijo DeJonge, Dan Koorndyk, Adam Wright, and Jessica Ann Tyson. They are tremendous grassroots leaders, good people, and I look forward to working with them side-by-side to win the Attorney General’s race and help the entire Republican Team be victorious,” added Tonya Schuitmaker.

Tonya Schuitmaker was an attorney in private practice for ten years and has since served in the State House and currently in the State Senate. Raised on a family farm in Van Buren County, Tonya has been a lifelong resident of West Michigan. She and her husband Steve raised their two children, Jordan and Savina, on the same farm.

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Tonya Schuitmaker For Attorney General