Tonya on the Issues


Right to Life
: Tonya believes life is precious, from God, and deserving of dignity and protection at all stages.  Tonya was consistently endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC.

Second Amendment: Tonya is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, consistently receiving an “A” rating from the NRA.  She is a member of her local gun club, Sportsman’s Caucus and a Life Member of the NRA.

Law-and-Order: Tonya believes law enforcement should be honored, supported and thanked, and those who throw rocks at them, lie about them to stir up hate, and destroy private property need to be held accountable, not coddled.  Tonya has been named ‘Legislator of the Year’ by the Michigan Sheriff’s Association, Michigan Association of Police Chiefs, and Michigan Probate Judges.

Illegal Immigration: Senator Schuitmaker is working with Senator Colbeck to ban funding to sanctuary cities and promote Kate’s Law, in order to protect Americans and legal visitors from criminal illegal immigrants.

Crime Victims: As Chair of the Crime Victims’ Rights Caucus, Senator Schuitmaker helped put in place new efforts to find and punish criminals, collecting all prisoners’ DNA in order to solve more crimes, and providing more assistance to victims.  Tonya was named the Michigan Sheriff’s Association Victim Services Program Legislator of the Year.

Voter Fraud: The ballot box must be protected from fraud and the guilty need to be strongly punished.

Stopping Federal Government Overreach: Tonya will stand up to federal government attempts to overreach into policies that should be left under the jurisdiction of the State of Michigan or local entities.  She voted against Obamacare’s expansion into Michigan and has consistently worked to reduce the regulatory burden.

Combating drug addiction: Senator Schuitmaker served on the Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force to address the drug crisis and helped implement many of the recommendations.  For example, Tonya passed legislation to require medical personnel to review a patient’s history before prescribing a potentially addictive medication.  The review system is already setup, so it takes medical personnel only a few seconds, but by checking every time, health professionals will notice if there is a cause for concern.

Cracking down on drunk driving: People convicted of being Superdrunk were gaming the vehicle ignition breathalyzer, so Senator Schuitmaker helped fixed that problem.  And there were other issues involving driving drunk or on drugs, so the laws were modernized to protect the public from these reckless individuals.  Tonya was awarded ‘Legislator of the Year’ by Mothers Against Drunk Driving two years in a row.

Veterans, members of the military, and their spouses:  These heroes were facing obstacles entering the workforce.  They were trained and proven in certain vocations in the military, yet were facing needless burdens going through the licensing system here in Michigan.  Spouses were licensed in another state, moved to Michigan with their active-duty spouse, and were stuck waiting for the bureaucracy in order to be allowed to work in their field.  Senator Schuitmaker helped pass legislation to streamline the regulatory process so veterans and spouses could more easily work in our state.

Protecting Children: Senator Schuitmaker served on the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking in order to discover and then implement solutions to stop this terrible crime.  Additionally, she worked to enhance penalties on child care providers whose failure to follow safety rules resulted in the death of a child.

Defending Seniors
: Many senior citizens are victims of physical and financial abuse.  Senator Schuitmaker worked to pass a Senior Protection package that cracks down on elder abuse and gives law enforcement better tools to protect our loved ones.  Tonya received the Elder Law of Michigan Action Award.

Property Rights: Tonya strongly supported efforts to protect citizens from having their property seized by government agencies without a high burden of proof.

Protecting Tax Dollars: Senators Schuitmaker and Colbeck passed legislation which expanded transparency of how tax dollars are spent and required departments to present spending plans and obtain approval.

Tonya Schuitmaker For Attorney General