10 House Democrats Protest During Pledge of Allegiance; Reps. Barrett and Glenn Criticize Protest

We should all give thanks to Representatives Tom Barrett and Gary Glenn for speaking out against the protest during the Pledge of the Allegiance.

Here are excerpts from the MIRS News article on September 28, 2017:

Ten members of the House Democratic caucus linked arms on the House floor today as opposed to putting their hand over their heart for the Pledge of Allegiance as a way to draw attention to racial injustices, in general, and a recent Facebook reposting by Col. Kriste Kibbey ETUE, specifically.

An audibly upset Rep. Tom BARRETT (R-Potterville), a member of the Army National Guard, said it’s one thing for professional athletes to protest. It’s quite another for someone who voluntarily took an oath of office to follow the constitution of the United States of America and the state of Michigan. The pledge is a reminder of that oath, he said.

“When you have members disrespecting that, I think it calls into question your suitability for office and if they aren’t happy being here and they want to go protest something, perhaps they can do that somewhere else,” Barrett said.

“We’re creating laws here. This isn’t a football game,” said Barrett, who said he was going to talk to leadership about his feelings that to make a display of protest in this manner is “inappropriate on the House floor.”

Speaker Pro Tem Gary GLENN (R-Midland) struck a similar tone: “I’m entirely open to any discussion about people being treated fairly in every aspect of our society. But I think it’s inappropriate and disrespectful to demonstrate during something that’s supposed to be a unifying exercise, and always has been, the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag for which men and women are willing to die to defend.

“It’s inappropriate, whether it’s on a football field or the floor of the state House of Representative.”

Speaker Tom LEONARD (R-DeWitt) was asked his opinion literally minutes after learning about the protest and said he feels honored and blessed to come into chamber and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, which reminds him what his duty is to the state.

As to the protest of the 10 House Democrats, “I can’t get in and comment on what they just did. Every time I come into this chamber, I am proud to begin with a prayer, and I am proud to put my hand over my heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Brooks Patterson Endorses Tonya Schuitmaker for Attorney General

Lawton, MI– Today, Oakland County Executive Brooks Patterson announced his endorsement of Tonya Schuitmaker for Attorney General.

“Tonya Schuitmaker is a strong leader who will be a tough law-and-order Attorney General.  Like me, Tonya has won in areas President Obama carried twice by serving as a principled leader and achieving meaningful results.  Whether combating the drug abuse epidemic, helping crime victims, or opposing sanctuary cities, we can trust Tonya Schuitmaker to protect what is important to the people of Michigan,” said Brooks Patterson.

“Oakland County Executive Brooks Patterson is a national leader fostering economic growth, job creation and fiscal responsibility, and he was a tough prosecutor who made Oakland County a safe place to raise a family.  Being from West Michigan, I have always admired Brooks’ results-oriented leadership and I’m particularly grateful to receive his endorsement as we build a statewide campaign,” added Tonya Schuitmaker.

Tonya Schuitmaker was an attorney in private practice for ten years and has since served in the State House and currently in the State Senate.  Raised on a family farm in Van Buren County, Tonya has been a lifelong resident of West Michigan. She and her husband Steve raised their two children, Jordan and Savina, on the same farm.

Tonya Schuitmaker Inducted into the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan Inaugural Hall of Fame Class

Mackinac Island, MI– The Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan held a ceremony today at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference and Senator Tonya Schuitmaker was among the ten inductees in their inaugural Hall of Fame class.  The inductees are Betsy DeVos, Melanie Foster, Ruth Johnson, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Tonya Schuitmaker, Linda Lee Tarver, Eileen Lappin Weiser, Sharon Wise, Sandra S. Kahn, and Pam Boyle Williams.

“We would like to acknowledge and thank you for your efforts toward advancing conservative principles and endeavors.  Your life’s work was evaluated and among your many accomplishments, your service to our state and nation is undeniable!” wrote Linda Lee Tarver, President of the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan.

“I am genuinely honored and humbled to be named to the Hall of Fame alongside these tremendous conservative leaders.  As Republicans, we are fighting for a brighter future by advancing freedom, supporting policies that expand opportunity for everyone to utilize their God given talents, and defending the Constitution and our Michigan values.  The Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan is taking our hopeful conservative message throughout our state to expand our Party and help our country,” said Schuitmaker.


Tonya Schuitmaker was an attorney in private practice for ten years, handling a wide variety of civil, business and family cases, and has since served in the State House and currently in the State Senate.  Tonya is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, law-and-order conservative who won in counties President Obama carried twice, demonstrating she is a conservative who wins in political swing areas.  She has been named ‘Legislator of the Year’ by the Michigan Sheriff’s Association, Michigan Association of Police Chiefs, Michigan Probate Judges, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Tonya was consistently endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC, the Michigan Farm Bureau, and earned an “A” from the NRA.   

 Raised on a family farm in Van Buren County, Tonya has been a lifelong resident of Southwest Michigan. She and her husband Steve have raised their two children, Jordan and Savina, on the same farm.