Dear Friends:

Our state Attorney General’s responsibilities are wide ranging, including pushing back against federal government overreach, holding criminals accountable and helping victims, tackling challenges such as drug addiction, punishing voter fraud, and defending our values and the Constitution.

As a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, law-and-order conservative who achieves results on life touching issues, I am running for Attorney General to protect what is important.

Raised on a family farm in Van Buren County, I have been a lifelong resident of Southwest Michigan.  My husband Steve and I raised our two children, Jordan and Savina, on the same farm.

I was an attorney in private practice for ten years, handling a wide variety of civil, business, criminal and family cases, and currently serve in the State Senate.  I won in counties President Obama carried twice by maintaining a conservative record and achieving important results.

Whether working with Senator Colbeck to support Kate’s Law and cracking down on sanctuary cities, or with Attorney General Schuette to secure justice for crime victims, or with Lt. Gov. Calley to combat the drug addiction epidemic, my focus is on protecting what is important for Michigan families.

I look forward to talking with you on the campaign trail, earning your support and trust, working with you to win this important election against our eventual liberal Democrat opponent, and serving you and all the people of Michigan.


Tonya Schuitmaker